2020 Mixed Summer Soccer

Welcome Back to Summer Soccer 9s!

Nominations are open now for Mixed Summer 9s and close Wednesday 23rd September (1 week).Teams must nominate on the 2020 form. Only completed nomination forms will be accepted. Teams that leave the player skill history blank may not be accepted or may be placed in high divisions. Placing teams into the correct divisions is the hardest part of the nomination process so the more information you can provide us the better.

Send the completed form through to anusummer9s@gmail.com

Competition Regulations will be posted on the page. Information on COVID-19 requirements will be provided as it become available.

Mixed Summer 9s – Nominations open Now

Hi All

Nominations are open now and Close 14 September for mixed summer 9s.

Teams must nominate on the 2019 form. Only completed nomination forms will be accepted. Teams that leave the player skill history blank may not be accepted or may be placed in high divisions. Placing teams into the correct divisions is the hardest part of the nomination process so the more information you can provide us the better.
Send the completed form through to anusummer9s@gmail.com



Competition dates:

2019 Note the timing of the Public Holiday (no games) on Monday October 7 means that two divisions on Monday will start on 30 September, and finish (pending no washouts) on 9-Dec. The other 2 divisions will start on 14-October and finish 16-December based on 9 team competitions. Pending nomination numbers if we have 8 team competitions (same number of games) these dates may change.

Monday Nights: 30 September* (see above) – 16 December

Thursday Nights: 10 October – 12 December

Nominations now closed

Acceptance emails will be sent out over the weekend with rego payments required before you play your first game.

We must be notified of any new players that require insurance and they must pay the $12 Capital Football insurance fee prior to playing in the competition (or they will not be covered in the event of an injury during the games).

Any questions – please send them through to the mixed comp email address (ANUsummer9s@gmail.com) or post to the summer comp Facebook page (ANU Summer Soccer Competitions).

Mixed Summer Soccer is Here for 2016

ANU Mixed Summer 9s Competition Information 2016


The ANU Mixed 9s summer competition is a mixed nine-a-side SOCIAL football competition held at the ANU on Monday and Thursday nights. It is open to all members of the football community.


Venue: ANU – Willows Ovals, South Ovals and Fellows Ovals

Game Times: 6pm, 6.50pm, 7.40pm and 8.30pm


FFA Number & Competition Registration Requirement:

ALL participants must have an FFA number (no exceptions). If you have an FFA number you can search for it via this link https://live.myfootballclub.com.au/Signup/FFAMemberSignup.aspx otherwise to create one follow the below steps

  • Go to: http://capitalfootball.com.au/registration
  • Click on the MyFootballClub link under Getting Started and register for an FFA number and follow the instructions
  • You will also need to register via this site for the ANU Summer Soccer Competition (more information on this to follow)


Divisions 1 and 2 on both nights will play on Willows Oval, Divisions 3 and 4 on both nights will play on Fellows Oval.  All teams will play at the various kick-off times during the season.




  1. Do NOT pay until you have been confirmed as being Take note of the bank details when they are released as they may be different to the 2015 comp. We have raised the fees slightly to cover increased field hire costs and brought the referee surcharge for Division One in line with the fees paid to the referee.
  2. $620 per team; and
  3. $80 for Division One teams (only) as referee fees; and
  4. $100 bond – Team Managers will be asked to provide bank details for the return, please include these details where specified on the Nomination form; and
  5. $12 per player for insurance for non-Capital Football players (i.e. People that did NOT play in the 2016 Capital Football Winter or Futsal Competitions).



Nominations Open August 31st and will close September 16th

Competition dates:

Monday Nights: 10 October – 12 December 2016

Thursday Nights: 6 October – 15 December 2016


  1. Games are 20 minutes each way with a five-minute half time Nine players a side (including one goalkeeper). Please be on time as the Duty Manager/Referee will start games on time and games will not be delayed or time made up.
  2. Teams must have at least four female players on the field at all
  3. Six players from each team must be on the field or the game will be
  4. Teams must wear their nominated strip colour if they are listed first on the Teams must wear white if they are listed second (away). Goal Keepers must wear a different coloured shirt to both teams (i.e. you may need to bring a couple of GK shirts).
  5. It is recommended teams nominate at least 11 players and are not permitted to have more than
  6. Regular football rules apply (FIFA laws of the game http://www.fifa.com/mm/Document/FootballDevelopment/Refereeing/02/36/01/11/LawsofthegamewebEN_Neutral.pdfexcept for the following:
    1. no offside
    2. no slide tackles! Slide tackles will result in an indirect free kick for the The referee’s decision is final. There are some minor changes to other laws and sanctions outlined in the refereeing section.
    3. Goals scored by women are worth 2 This includes deflections off female teammates. Own goals are worth 1 point, regardless of who scores.
    4. Players that are cautioned will be required to leave the field for five minutes, sent off players will be required to leave the field for the whole game and may face further disciplinary action (such as individual or whole team expulsion from the competition). Players required to leave the field may not be replaced (i.e. the team plays with less players).
    5. Shin guards are compulsory. Players will not be permitted on the field without shin guards. If you are injured without shin guards you are not covered by the insurance.
  7. Teams should view the detailed competition rules to ensure they are familiar with
  8. Team Managers should make sure the scores are recorded correctly on the score sheet after each

Please remember that this is a SOCIAL competition and should be played that way. Teams may forfeit their bond or players may be excluded for any indiscretions during the competition.


Teams will be responsible for the following duties:


1.  Duty manager

  1. A duty manager will be provided by teams for the round in which they have a
  2. Only Divisions 2, 3 and 4 will need a duty For Division 1 teams, on weeks where the regular referee is not available, you will be expected to attend prior to the kickoff of the first game to assist the referee. The competition organisers will inform you if this is needed.
  3. The duty manager for Division 2 will need to collect the Mixed Summer 9s box from the SRA reception desk and take it to the BBQ area at Willows.
  4. The duty manager for Division 2 will need to return the Mixed Summer 9s box to the SRA reception desk at the end of the night.
  5. The duty manager for Division 3 will need to collect the South Oval Store Room key from ANU Sport (the Gym) and unlock the South Oval Store Room before 30pm so that teams can set up nets. (The key may be returned to the SRA after unlocking the sheds as it is not needed to lock them at the end of the evening, just pull them shut).
  6. If the sheds are not open by 5:40pm the Div 4 duty managers are responsible for then getting the key from ANU Sport – send us an email if this

7.       Duty teams for Divisions 3 and 4 are responsible for getting the nets for their games from South Oval Shed and taking them to Fellows Oval, and returning them at the end of the night. The teams playing are required to set up the nets.

  1. The Division 4 Duty Manager is responsible for ensuring South Oval is shut and locked after all the nets have been replaced (as Divisions 3 and 4 will need to transport the nets from Fellows back to South).
  2. The duty manager is to ensure that teams put up nets in time, games start on time, all scores and incidents are recorded, nets are returned to the store shed and the room locked and left in a tidy
  3. The referees and duty managers may be the same
  4. LIGHTS – Both South and Fellows are equipped with
    1. The outside lights on South Oval Shed will always stay
    2. Fellows’ Oval lights are automatic. If they have not come on and it is getting dark, you should call ANU Sport on (02) 6125 Ask them to turn on Fellows lights and that the field booking is for Mixed 9s.


2.  Refereeing

  1. Referees for divisions 2, 3 and 4 will be provided by the team that has the bye for that
  2. Failure to provide referees or not undertake duties will result in the forfeiture of your
  3. Please ensure that the referees you provide know and understand the rules and are able to control the game.
  4. Please contact the competition organisers at least two weeks before your game if you are unable to provide suitable refs – the competition organisers will provide you will a list of referees who will referee for $20 per game ($80 for all four games of your duty). Please contact and pay the referees
  5. Referees can caution and send off players off but teams should ensure that their players act
  6. Players that are cautioned will be required to leave the field for five minutes, sent off players will be required to leave the field for the whole game and may face further disciplinary action (such as individual or whole team expulsion from the competition). Players required to leave the field may not be replaced (i.e. the team plays with less players).
  7. Teams that do not play in the spirit of the competition may be asked to leave the
  8. Please contact the competition organisers if you have any problems with the referees or your duty
  9. Where referees are not provided on the night, teams will referee Teams should send the competition organisers an email following the game indicating the referees were not provided.


3.  Results

  1. In 2016, the competition is looking to use the Fox Sports Pulse online results system widely used by Capital Football. This will result in easier access and recording of scores and less delay in having the results published. Further updates to this will be released shortly.
  2. Teams playing should confirm the results with the referee at the end of each If there are any disputes that cannot be settled immediately, the teams should lodge a written report.
    1. Referees only need to record the number of goals and final score, and the names of players given any yellow or red Teams wishing to keep their own stats on which players scored should do this themselves.

3.       Written reports signed by the Duty team/ Referee will still be required for the following:

  1. Any game where there is an injury, or
  2. Any game with a red card (Send-off).

In these cases the details of what happened, with who (full names), and when, should be clearly written down and signed by the Referee and each team manager. These reports should be scanned or photographed and sent into the inbox, as well as the original being placed in the nominated folder in South Oval Shed.



The competition organisers will send out a match-card template if you wish to use, but we found many teams just recorded the scores directly into their phones they were using to time the match.


4.  Net Duty:

  1. Both teams playing in the first game will be responsible for moving the goals into position when they play at 6pm (All Divisions).
  2. Teams on Fellows Oval are required to put the nets up
  3. Both teams in the final game of the night on Fellows Oval will take the nets
  4. Division 3 and 4 Duty teams are to collect and return the nets NEATLY into the South Oval
  5. If for any reason you are the last team left and there are still nets left out, please return them to the shed and send an email to the inbox.
  6. Teams that fail to perform net duty may forfeit their
  7. Please ensure that you or your team arrives by 45pm to put the nets up for the 6pm start – games will not be delayed in the event that the nets are not up.



Teams will be organised into four divisions depending on ability – for this reason teams are asked to nominate the skill level of their players (1-10) and previous team names on the Nomination Form to assist the organisers in grading. Please ensure you provide accurate information on grading to ensure that teams are graded to provide a similar level of competition and increase enjoyment of the competition. Teams will play each team in their division once and the last week will be finals week for all teams. Adjustments for any divisions not with 9 teams will be managed directly with those divisions.



Please check your nominated email address and the Facebook group in the event of wet weather as the organisers will advise of cancellations this way. Please do not bombard the organisers or the email address for information on cancellations. In the event of cancellation games will be rescheduled at organiser’s discretion and subject to field availability.


Nomination Process:

To nominate a team, team managers should:

  1. Provide the Nomination form COMPLETED WITH ALL DETAILS, saved with TEAM NOMINATION: [Team name] and submit it to ANUsummer9s@gmail.com in an email marked with the same name as your Nomination form;
  2. The competition organisers will email you to accept your Please DO NOT transfer money until your nomination is accepted, once you are notified your nomination is ACCEPTED then;
    1. Get each player to fill out the Indemnity Form which will be sent to accepted
    2. Transfer the full registration amount, including insurance and the bond, into the nominated account, which will be sent to accepted To assist in processing please mark the payment: RegoFees: [Team Name].
    3. Email or provide Indemnity Forms to the


Please ensure that you inform the organisers if you wish to register players that are not included in the original nomination of the team and ensure that they:

  1. Fill out an indemnity form; and
  2. Pay the insurance levy if required;

BEFORE they play, otherwise they will not be insured or allowed to play.


Please note that only fully completed nominations will be accepted and only those that have paid for their team will be included in the competition. Any nominations received after the closing date of 19 September will only be considered if there is room.



Please direct all queries to: ANUsummer9s@gmail.com, or post on the Facebook Page: ANU Summer Soccer Competitions (mark it is for the mixed comp)

Please be patient with the mailbox as the organisers are not able to process emails everyday.

Thanks for your interest in the ANU summer 9s mixed competition; we hope you enjoy the competition.


ANUWFC and ANUFC Competition Organisers (Holly & Pat)