ANU Women’s Summer 9s

2020 Nominations for Summer Soccer are now CLOSED!!

2020 Women’s Summer 9s DRAW AND RESULTS

Competition Commences Tuesday 6th October, 2020


ANU Women’s Summer 9s Competition 2020 – Information

The ANU Women’s summer 9s competition is a nine-a-side social football competition held at the ANU on Tuesday nights.

It is open to all female members of the football community.

This season, the Women’s Summer 9s comp will offer permanent referees and duty managers, this allows teams to just turn up for their games with no confusion and enjoy the social aspects.

Two nominated managers from each team will also be added to the closed ANU Womens Summer 9s Facebook group for all competition updates, draws and results.

Venue: ANU South, Fellows, and Willows Ovals

Game Times: 6pm, 6.50pm, 7.40pm and 8.30pm


$750 per team plus;

$12 per player for insurance for non-Capital Football players (ie. People that did NOT play in the 2020 CF Winter or Futsal Competitions).

Nominations Close: September 30, 2020 (or when maximum nominations have been received) Competition Starts: 6th of October 2020

Competition dates:

Tuesday Nights: 6, 13, 20, 27 Oct; 3, 10, 17, 24 Nov; 1 Dec; Finals 8 Dec.


Games are 20 minutes each way with a five minute half time break. Nine players a side (one goalkeeper). Please be on time as the Referee will start games on time and games will not be delayed or time made up.

Six players must be on the field or the game will be forfeited.

Teams must wear their nominated strip colour if they are listed first on the draw or white if they are listed second. Goal Keepers must wear a different coloured shirt to both teams. The nominated strip colour must not include white, and the away white shirts must not include other colours

Teams must nominate at least 10 players but no more than 16.

Regular football rules apply (FIFA laws of the game) except for:

No offside

Corner flags are not required

No slide tackles. Slide tackles will result in an indirect free kick for the opposition. The referee’s decision is final.

Players that are cautioned (yellow card) will be required to leave the field for five minutes, but may be replaced by another player.

Players sent off players (red card) will be required to leave the field for the whole game and may face further disciplinary action (such as individual or whole team expulsion from the competition), sent off players cannot be replaced.

Any acts of aggression will result in action including loss of competition points and/or expulsion of a player or team from the competition. It is important if any aggressive behaviour occurs that the referee submits a report to the competition organisers.

Shin guards are compulsory.

Competition points will be awarded for the following: 3 points for a win, 1 point to each team for a draw, 0 points for a loss.

Capital Football now requires summer soccer participants to have an FFA number. You can do this through Play Football here. When you receive your nomination acceptance email there will be information on how to join the ANUWFC Summer 9s Women ‘package’ on Play Football. Don’t worry too much – all will be explained shortly! Players who already have FFA numbers won’t have to do anything for now. For those who don’t, simply click the link above, and register for an FFA number prior to submitting your team nomination.

This year ANU Summer 9s will be adhering to the Capital Football minimum age. Capital Football has advised that all players must be sixteen (16) years of age to participate in the Women’s League Open Age Competitions (includes summer competitions and competitions where there is partial age exclusion). Apologies if this impacts on your team’s nomination. We always happen to have a few individuals looking for a spot on a team if you find yourself with space.

Please remember that this is a SOCIAL competition and should be played that way.


Due to issues in obtaining insurance for injuries without match cards, all duty teams and referees should carry pen and paper to record injuries. If an injury occurs, minor or major, the referee should make note of the following.

a. Date and time of kick-off

b. Teams playing

c. Final Score

d. Injured players full name

e. Name and signatures of both team managers and the referee

f. Details of incident

g. Email address or phone number of referee, only to be used if further information about the incident is required.

• example 1 – Jane Smith of Manchester United injured her left leg when tackled by an opponent. She had to leave the field and did not return.

• example 2 – John Brown of Pink FC jumped for the ball and landed awkwardly, rolling his right ankle. He left the field but came back and was able to finish the game.

h. If in doubt it is advisable to write an injury report in case something flares up after the game


This year teams will not be required to referee games. Due to the success of permanent referees and duty manager last season we would like to offer the same for the Women’s Summer competition again this year. Teams are asked to please note the following:


Referees can caution and send off players off but teams should ensure that their players act appropriately.

Players that are cautioned will be required to leave the field for five minutes, sent off players will be required to leave the field for the whole game and may face further disciplinary action.

Teams that do not play in the spirit of the competition may be asked to leave the competition.

Please contact the competition organisers if you have any problems or issues.

Net Duty

Fellows, South and Willows Ovals all have permanent nets. It is the responsibility of the 6pm kick off teams to make sure nets are moved to the correct place on the field.

Match Balls

All teams are to provide a (size 5) match ball, so as to ensure one plus a spare. In some instances a referee will have an extra ball on hand.


Teams will be organised into three or four divisions depending on ability – for this reason teams are asked to nominate the skill level of their players and previous competition experience on the Team Nomination Form to assist the organisers in grading. Please ensure you provide ACCURATE information on grading to ensure that teams are graded to provide a similar level of competition and increase enjoyment of the competition. Teams will play each team in their division once and the last week will be finals week.


Managers are to use the closed ANU Womens Summer 9s Facebook group to notify opposition, comp organiser and referee of any need to forfeit. Wet weather or cancellations will be communicated via this page also.

Nomination Process:

To nominate a team, team managers should:

provide the Nomination form COMPLETED WITH ALL DETAILS and submit it to in an email marked: TEAM NOMINATION: [Team Name]. 

The organiser will email you to accept your nomination.  Please DO NOT transfer money to the account below until your nomination is accepted, once you are notified your nomination is ACCEPTED then fill out and have each team member sign the Indemnity Form this is to be submitted prior to playing the first game of the season.

Transfer the full registration amount, including insurance, into the Women’s Summer 9s bank account. To assist in processing please mark the payment: RegoFees: [Team Name].


Women’s Summer 9s Bank Account Details:

Name: ANU Women’s Football Club Summer 9’s

BSB:  062 903

Acc: 1065 7882

Please ensure that you inform the organisers if you wish to register players that are not included in the original nomination of the team and ensure that they:

fill out an indemnity form; and

pay the insurance levy;

BEFORE they play, otherwise they will not be insured or allowed to play.

Please note that only fully completed nominations will be accepted and only those that have paid for their team will be included in the competition. Once all of the positions are filled nominations will be closed. So get in early!


COVID-19 The ANU Football Club and ANU Women’s Football Club has a responsibility to protect not just the football community, but the broader ANU and ACT communities, and to assist in preventing any outbreaks of COVID-19 where possible. We as a football community, including players, coaches and volunteers must all play a role if we are to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The resumption of football activities is subject to the provisions of the ACT Government, ACT Health and ANU Sport.

The ANU Women’s Football Club is required to comply with the public health advice. This plan sets out the conditions under which players, coaches and officials football competitions at ANU will re-engage with games, compliant with the conditions set out by ANU Sport, Capital Football and the ACT Government. The clubs trust all players to do the right thing and make sensible choices. We expect you to strictly adhere to all the requirements sent out by the Summer Soccer Coordinators throughout the competition.

Changes in the COVID-19 situation may mean changes to games including times, dates, locations, recording of attendance and entry/exit procedures. Please understand in nominating that these changes may occur during the competition. The organisers will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to any changes. Divisions will play across Willows, Fellows and South Ovals depending on availability. Teams should be prepared to play on grass and synthetic surfaces as fields may have to change at short notice due to weather and closures. All teams will play at the various kick-off times during the season. In extreme circumstances some matches may be moved off-campus to fields in the inner-north of Canberra. Team managers will be notified of any changes.


Please direct all queries to: (women’s comp only)

Please be patient with the mailbox as the Organisers are not able to process emails everyday!

Further details will be provided at the Team Managers’ meeting in October.

Thanks for your interest in the ANU women’s summer 9s competition; We hope you enjoy the competition.

If you have any further questions, please email

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